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Graduate Financial Application for Applicants Residing in Lebanon

The Program
The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is a partnership between the American University of Beirut and the Mastercard Foundation in Canada. The program provides academically promising students who show proof of leadership skills, an opportunity for quality higher education. It welcomes applications from young adults with limited financial capacity who are sensitive to their communities’ concerns, proactive in their environment, and believers in their ability to make a difference.

Eligibility Criteria
Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AUB offers full scholarships for a graduate degree to Lebanese and non-Lebanese students residing in Lebanon (in particular Syrian and Palestinian refugees) who fulfill the following criteria:
1. Show good academic standing
2. Demonstrate high financial need
3. Exhibit an interest in social issues as well as evidence of commitment to the service of the community
4. Seek acceptance in the major from Faculty/Department

After applying to the program

Step 1: Interested applicants must complete the graduate online admission application form.
Step 2: For Lebanese and non-Lebanese residing in Lebanon (in particular Syrian and Palestinian refugees),
candidates must also fill out this Online Financial Aid application form.
Step 3: Collect additional documents listed below and submit them to the Office Of Admissions.

Additional documents related to the applicant:
1. Copy of identity card or passport
2. One recent passport size photos
3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Additional documents related to the applicant’s family:
1. Family civil status record issued within the previous three months (Ikhraj Kayd 3a2ili) or (Daftar 3a2ila) for Syrian applicants 
2. Employment records for every working member of the family( For Parents if dependent, for spouse if married)
• Fill form A: If form A is applicable please provide it with a stamp on the form
• Fill form B: If self-employed, provide business registration and income tax documents; if form B is applicable and you don’t have business registration or income tax, provide us with a certificate from the notary stating your business and yearly income
3. For each dependent child enrolled at school or university, recent school certificate of registration showing annual tuition fees; if married for children
4. Car registration form for each car owned
5. Proof of home ownership in Lebanon. If the house is rented, you need to provide a copy of the rental agreement with a certificate from the notary that states no home ownership
6. Proof of land ownership in Lebanon. If no land is owned, you need to provide a certificate from the notary stating that you do not own a land
7. Bank statement(s) for working family member(s)
8. Loan statement(s) if available for family member(s)
9. UNHCR registration certificates for Syrian applicants if applicable / or a copy of residence permit
10. A paper from the notary verifying where you live

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